Lighter Fare

Since the previous couple of posts were a bit too serious, here’s some funny to help the blog’s balance:

First, Red State Update with, uh, a, uh, unique take on Obama and his “ex-gay” preacher friend.  Money quote:

Dunlap: “He’s one o’ them, whaddya call ’em, like, after ya used to be gay, but then, like, through the support of your family and the teachin’s of the church, and the power of prayer, you’re not gay anymore . . .whaddya call that?

Jackie: “Still gay.” 

I bet there are other gay people out there offended somehow by these guys.  Whatever–they’re funny.  I could do without seeing Dunlap in leather, though.  Ugh.

Next, check out this “interview” with A-rod of the Yankees.  Barclay is too damned funny. 


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