That Gay Agenda

I noticed two interesting takes on Gaydom this morning:

Gay? Who cares?

Gates’ research on U.S. Census data drives home a point that the gay vanguard has been wrestling with for a while: The hedonistic, transgressive, radical ethos (and stereotype) that once characterized gay culture doesn’t represent reality anymore. The decline of urban coastal gay communities, the increase in the gay population in the interior U.S. and the overall diversification of the gay population are facts. What’s more, Gates argues, these trends are a function of the growing acceptance of homosexuality among the American public.

And Educate or socialise. is there a gay agenda?

Fundamentally, the teaching of values and morals surrounding the issue of human sexuality and sexual preferences ought to be done at home. For a textbook that essentially challenges the conventional definition of family to be introduced into our schools, without parental consent or input, is not only ludicrous, it’s totally unacceptable.

Contrast those two articles.  Where within lies the truth?  I’ll tell you.  The truth that can be found simply by contrasting these articles is that the public at large is more accepting of incremental gains, such as those made by passing the “non-inclusive” ENDA, than broad measures which may be well-intentioned but are simply “too different” for the public at large to accept all at once. 

Typically, a snippet in today’s Queerty misses that wisdom. 

The idea of unity doesn’t seem to figure into this equation. While we’re all about protecting our gay brothers and sisters, it seems unlikely that many of them will come out to help their trans peers. Without such support, it seems unlikely that neither our government nor its people will rally for a group many still consider to be deviants.

The comments at Queerty on almost every ENDA post that I’ve noticed are unevenly split on a non-inclusive ENDA, with those favoring passage outweighing those wanting to hold out for “the whole enchilada.”  Our “community” is no more of one mind about this than the “straight community.”  Yet many bloggers and activists seem to me, at least, to be attempting to paint those of us who wish ENDA passed as traitors to our kind, self-hating, transphobic, etc.  Not only is that patently dishonest, it’s just plain nonsense. 

(EDIT UPDATE) Also check out the divided comments on this JoeMyGod post

Being for the current ENDA (instead of nothing) does not equate to transphobic.  That must be that “new math” I keep hearing so much about. 

Contrary to what some blogs are trying to force-feed you to believe, insisting that Congress passes ENDA now–any version–does not mean we are abandoning our Trans friends.  I would submit that we’re crossing a metaphorical river and leaving a substantial bridge behind us on which they can more easily follow.  No one ever wants to wait for rights, nor should they have to in an ideal world. 

But this isn’t an ideal world. 

Twenty years ago it seemed unlikely that so many of our straight brethren would come out and stand up for gay rights or inclusion of any kind.  Yet look at us today, no longer standing alone, but with straight allies to fight with us and vote for our interests. 

As one Queerty commenter so succinctly put it, “Small victories are huge.”  As I so often put it: “Baby Steps.” 

Or perhaps the best way to put comes from the first article linked above:

As gays meld into the broader population, places like West Hollywood and the Castro district in San Francisco will inevitably lose some of their appeal. As more gays come out in more places, the diversity of homosexual politics and lifestyles will come out with them, and the tolerant will multiply.

And don’t you try and tell me I must be dreaming. 


One thought on “That Gay Agenda

  1. Well, Jamie, Americans have never been that logical about sex education. Consider this:

    Americans refuse to let their kids talk about homosexuality in high school, even though it can be done cheaply. But they’re more than willing to subsidize university educations that usually include numerous discussions about homosexuality. So, we’re indoctrinating our kids to hate gays. And then, we’re sending them to expensive re-education camps so they can learn to not hate gays anymore.

    Yeah, that makes perfect sense (rolls eyes). And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why the Swedes think we’re insane.

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