Coming Soon . . .

The Gods of Hollywood seem to have been smiling on me lately.  Thanks to Homomojo, I should soon be in possession of a screener of this movie, and will be posting a review ASAP both here and at HM:

Website: Skullandbonesmovie

First impression: the baseball bat is a bit much.  But(t) we’ll see.  😉

I’ve also been contacted by someone associated with the new Online Star Trek movie: Gods & Monsters, which I posted the preview for the other day.  Check back soon, when I’ll have a couple of semi-exclusive behind the scenes pics thanks to Gregg Nestor, whose house was one location used for some of the filming! 

Website: ST: Of Gods & Men


10 thoughts on “Coming Soon . . .

  1. All that is coming between me and a “screener” of this DVD is $19.95. I’ll pass. I’ve seen enough gay people portrayed as murderers/serial killers in the movies to last a lifetime.

  2. John: All I know is that we were contacted by Mr. Slaughter and told we’d be sent a “screener” for this “screamer.”

    Norm will probably make me shut it off about ten minutes in, but I’ll watch it all and review it.

  3. Why would you want to endure another second of this terrible piece of crap? It’s not even bad enough to pass for camp. It’s just…bad.

  4. Because I gave my word that I would, ted.

    Pardon my ignorance. Apparently there is more to this post than would appear on the surface.

    You’re under no obligation to provide the details, obviously, but when you post a teaser clip that is as awful as this with no explanation as to what it is or why you are apparently so sensitive and protective of it, I think you gotta at least expect some questions…

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