Tuesday Tidbits

Check out this Newsday opinion article:

Craig’s arrest wasn’t just an attempt to frame a politician; it was a statement to gay men and lesbians that we should keep our personal lives hidden because our sexuality is apparently disgusting and criminal.

If all that comes from this scandal is debate over whether Craig should resign or discussion of how this affects the Republican Party’s reputation, our country has missed an opportunity to recognize the marginalization of gays and lesbians.

Post-Gay era?  This article on “mainstreaming gayness” was a decent read (although it seems they only read Queerty).  I remember, years ago, scouring the bookstore shelves for copies of Christopher Street magazine, which was the closest thing to gay exposure I could find (while in the closet):

Whether we are living in a post-gay world or not, ultimately it all comes back to the question of what being gay is all about. Do we want acceptance for our differences, or to be assimilated into the mainstream and have those differences smoothed out?

Good questions.

QAF writer to develop new BBC series about “forty-something gay men and how jealous they are of gay teenagers.”  I wonder if they’re going to cast any bloggers we know . . .

A not trans-inclusive ENDA passes House committee.

And then there’s this link, just because he’s cute and it’s funny.


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