Dammit, I’m hooked.  Hooked on the Luke and Noah storyline on ATWT.  I blame it all on those damned youtubers, especially LukeVanFan.  Here’s the latest episode:

LukeVanFan has the whoooooooole storyline uploaded, so you can start from Part I and go all the way to the present if you like.  Luke is just too friggin cute for words.

Just don’t blame me when you’ve spent 3 days in front of the computer because you’re hooked like we are. 

Oh, and FYI, while I don’t think either one has “come out” as gay, I get a loud ping from Van Hensis, who plays Luke.  Noah–notsomuch.  Whether or not that speaks to their acting abilities or my own naiveté, I couldn’t say.  But Luke looks convincingly in luuuuuuv. 

Accordingly, here’s an interview they did with Advocate for Coming Out day


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