Still More Wonderful Straight Parenting

Why do I have the feeling this is going to become a regular feature here?  Oh, yeah, it’s because we gays keep getting told how much better it is to have straight parents. 

Oh, really?

losermom.jpgThe mother of a 14-year-old boy who confessed to planning an armed assault on a Pennsylvania high school was arrested on Friday on suspicion of buying a rifle for her son, police said. . .

He (the boy) was arrested late on Wednesday and told police he had been planning a “Columbine-type attack” on Plymouth-Whitemarsh High School in suburban Philadelphia, modeled on the 1999 Colorado school shooting in which two students killed 13 people.

What a wonderful example of “straight” parenting.  Maybe the kid could shoot straight, I dunno. 

I highly doubt this would happen with my child.  I don’t have issues with guns.  I have issues with lack of parental involvement and lack of supervision. 


2 thoughts on “Still More Wonderful Straight Parenting

  1. You know, I sort of agree with you, but I have to say you’re making a rather absurd meta-argument here. The numbers of straight parents far outweigh the numbers of other parents. It stands to reason, therefore, that examples of “bad parenting” will be more common in straight parents and also easier to locate.

    Simply because you can find more examples of bad straight parents than other parents doesn’t mean other parents are necessarily any better or that the statement “straight parents are better for children” is untrue. It may be untrue for other reasons, but not for this one.

  2. The absurdity of it is the entire point. One can find examples of bad parenting regardless of orientation. I know it’s over the top, and I’m trying to demonstrate how stupid it is to judge one’s parenting abilities based on orientation. Using their own stupid argument against them. I know it’s fallacious. Like I said, that’s the point.

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