Youtube Inanity

Our local CBS affiliate reported on a hate crime yesterday, perpetrated on a gay couple by some of their own young relatives.  And I don’t think it was anything to laugh about–these men suffered thousands of dollars in damage because they happen to love someone of the same sex. 

You can see the video of the news report by clicking here and checking out the “featured video” marked “Suspect Sisters Allegedly Target Gay Couple.”

This morning I saw this clip on Qlipp, a site that promotes pro-gay videos, and was aghast at this video, The Homo Truckdriver:

Simply placing a “humor” tag doesn’t make a video glorifying hate crimes “okay.”

And then there’s this just plain weird shit:

Frankly, I don’t know which video makes me want to lock my doors more. 


2 thoughts on “Youtube Inanity

  1. Absolutely right, Brian. Graphic depictions celebrating gaybashing, complete with blood spatter, are sickening to say the least.

    (Just edited this with a link to our news report last night of a local hate crime.)

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