You WILL Submit!!

The Washington Blade is requesting your Coming Out stories in time for October11th, National Coming Out Day.  I submitted mine (curse words redacted and it should be up tomorrow, hopefully)–which is no big deal because it’s been on the net in one form or another for about 3 years now–and highly suggest you send in yours.  Everyone’s experience is different, yet just as valid and potentially helpful to someone out there who’s still in the closet and needs some reassurance.  Share your story and help build someone up. 

Did I mention:

The two stories with the highest ratings will each win one round trip airfare ticket to anywhere in the continental United States courtesy of Orbitz! Contest will end on Octber 9th and winners will be notified through verified e-mail.

Two tickets would be better, ya know . . . so, yeah . . . read mine and rate it a big ol’ 5.  lol




9 thoughts on “You WILL Submit!!

  1. Is there some specific link we can follow to get to vote for your story? I’ll totally do it, so long as it really costs me absolutely the least amount of energy.

  2. Well so far there are only about 15-20 showing up, so even without a direct link I don’t think it’ll be hard to find. I think I’ve read all of the other ones by now, and mine is certainly the longest. (Usually it’s the widest. BA dum bum)

    Once mine shows up (which, if I did everything correctly, including removing the profanity, it should) I’ll edit this post with the direct link.

    Multiple times. Hee hee.

  3. My coming out story is short: “I’m gay. Get the fuck over it.” I know, I know; being so blunt doesn’t sound like my style 🙂 but it worked.

  4. Here’s my coming out story. Probably not interesting enough to win, but I’ll post it here.

    I was 25 when I first came out to anyone other than a physician. My best friend from childhood came out four years earlier when we graduated from college. I wasn’t ready to tell him then, and then went away to school. I was coming back for a visit, and we made plans to go out for food and drinks at a TGIFridays. He also invited another friend who he thought was going to come out to us at that time. He did, and I followed suit and came out to them. We quickly finished our order and went to a gay bar.

    Afterwards, I gradually came out to other (straight) friends. Since I just didn’t like blurting it out, I would steer a conversation in such a way that others would ask me if I was gay. I told my mother about a year or two later. She said she suspected it and had discussed it with my father. She said that they would love me no matter what, etc. So that was cool. But for several years I still hadn’t told the rest of my family. When I was about 35 I finally decided to tell them. By then I thought everyone had figured it out, so it wouldn’t be too difficult. My older brother had no idea, but was okay with it. My sister, ten years younger than me, had strongly suspected for a couple of years and had told my younger brother, who insisted that it was my best friend who “turned me gay.” He was okay with my being gay, but I explained, just as my sister tried, how that no one turns another gay. It took another few months before he believed it. I assumed that my mother told my father soon after I came out to her. But my father asked me why I had told everyone but my mother. So it was clear to me that she never told him. I don’t remember how I answered, except I never said to him I told her several years earlier.

    Soon after I came out at work, at least to those in my department and other colleagues that I’m closer to. I did so when it was appropriate in conversation, such as discussing what we did on the weekend, etc. So far, there has been no negative reactions, including the few nuns I have told. I’ve been told that there are colleagues that are hostile towards homosexuality, but I have not encountered it yet.

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