How About Basic Math?

Yesterday I had to go to Walmart for some laundry detergent and bleach.  Grabbing a large bottle of each from the shelves, I brought them up to the counter to pay.  As the young lady behind the counter scanned them and moved them to the bagging area, she let out a small “ugh,” indicating how heavy the bottles were. 

“Yeah,” I offhandedly remarked, “I got the big bottle of bleach to balance out the detergent.  One in each hand, you know.” 

She looked at the labels on the bottles and remarked, “this one says more ounces than the other one.” 

Me: “Well, those are volume, not weight.” 

Her: “Well, I never took chemistry.”

I held my laughter until the parking lot. 


4 thoughts on “How About Basic Math?

  1. My basic math story.

    On a way home from a trip, I stopped at a rest area and got some nice and healthy fast food. The total was $6.83 (or some figure like that). I had a lot of change that, but no $5 bill, so I gave the cashier $11.83. She must have input the exact amount, because the register didn’t tell her how much change.

    Cashier: How much change?

    Pat: The total was six eighty-three and I gave you eleven eighty three.

    Cashier: How much change?

    Pat: Five dollars. (Leaves and wonders if he said $50 whether he would get it.)

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