Flying to Virginia/DC area today.  I’ll try and blog while I’m there, but promise nothing.  Here are (completely diverse) your Monday morning videos to get you going. 


5 thoughts on “Whoosh!

  1. I’ve never been on anything other than a jumbo jet before. Today I was on a 50-seater.

    If I wanted to go on a roller coaster I’d go to six fucking flags. The lovely sudden 10 foot drop that jarred the old lady behind me (she said “Holy Shit, which, while amusing now, didn’t help at the time) as well as the rest of the cabin was a deliberate reminder from the Almighty that he didn’t mean for us to fly economy.

    I don’t mind it once I’m up there. The views were lovely, although this country is really divided up into lots of odd shapes, looking down from above. No, I don’t care too much for the taking off, and the 15-minutes of turbulence while “on approach” is nerve wracking. And they didn’t serve alcohol, the bastards.

    Needless to say, after checking into the hotel I decided to visit the TGIFridays and have a couple of beers right off.

    I mean, “clear skies and a smooth ride ahead” from the captain are not words I’ll believe again.

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