Link Problems

Hi folks.  If you think I’ve removed you from my “links” section, I probably haven’t.  I just now noticed that some of my links categories (including the main one with most of the other gay blogs) aren’t showing up in this theme.  Considering that I do most of my surfing directly from this page, it’s a big problem for me.  My “resource links,” like Huffpo, Drudge, The Constitution, New Republic, Washington Post, CNN, CNET, NYTimes . . . they’re all not displaying.  I may be able to solve the problem by putting them all in a different category, but I’ll work on it and get you all back on the page by next week.  This is a theme I really like so I’m going to try to work within it to see if I can resolve the problem.  

I’m going to contact WP Support about it, but in the meantime I’m going to remind you all to visit great blogs like InRepair, Average Gay Joe, CJWriter, JesusGeneral, Shutternick, Wayne’s World, InterstateQ, and of course the ones still listed on the page in the A-List Links category. 

A diverse range of views is a wonderful thing.  Even if a lot of them yell at you to conform. 

Take my word for it.

EDIT:  Looks like the problem has fixed itself.  Vunderbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


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