The Queens On The Bus Go Round and Round

I found this episode of Next by clicking on a link over at GoodAsYou.  Just watch it if you can make it all the way through. 

Boy, those truly substantive conversations these guys have are amazing.  I was so impressed by the deep revelations, the discussions that can establish relationships that last. 


I am so glad I don’t have to date anymore.  One question, though: are you single gay guys truly so friggin desperate that “Lance,” 23, who “does nothing for a living” HONESTLY came by (pun intended) all of those trophy bracelets?  WTF? Might as well date Chris Crocker . . .

Funniest line: “Are you kidding me?  NEXT!”

Maybe it’s me.  Maybe I’m getting old.  But even if I were single, I wouldn’t have touched any one of them. 

(Here come the “self-loathing” comments.)


3 thoughts on “The Queens On The Bus Go Round and Round

  1. I watched one episode of this show… once was more than enough. I suppose it would have been boring if they didn’t find a batch of guys like these.


    If it wasn’t for books and the newspaper, I’d have nothing entertaining, as television sure as hell ain’t doing it these days.

  2. I only watch a select few shows on TV . . . well, and the food network. A little DIY. Mostly food network, Survivor, and AI, and Big Brother. Oh, and Jericho. Jericho’s probably the only decent show left on TV. Good plot, good acting, cute lead character . . .

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