Six Held In Rape, Stabbing of Woman in WV

Here’s my initial instinct: hang ’em.  Hang each and every one of these inbred white-trash knuckledragging motherfuckers (h/t Smoking Gun):

A black West Virginia woman was sexually assaulted, stabbed, and tortured while being held captive by her white abductors, one of whom told her, “That’s what we do to niggers around here.” . . .

According to six harrowing criminal complaints, the woman, who apparently had been held for more than a week, had four stab wounds in her left leg, bruised eyes, and had been repeatedly sexually assaulted and humiliated. The woman told police that she was forced to lick Brewster’s “toes, vagina, and anal cavity.” Brewster’s son Bobby forced the woman to eat dog and rat feces, according to one complaint filed in Logan County Magistrate Court. The victim, who is now hospitalized, was raped at knifepoint, choked with a cable cord, and had her hair pulled and cut during the ordeal.

THIS is America in the 21st century?  It’s extremely difficult to believe that “every life has some value” when I read about abominations like this.  That poor, poor woman.  Think about it, I mean really, really think about it.  Some bastard stabs you in the leg not once, not twice, but FOUR TIMES, then has you lick their toes, vagina, and asshole.  And that’s just for starters. 

According to this source she was required to drink from the toilet as well.  This report says she had scalding water poured on her.  She wakes up screaming for her mommy now.  At 23 years old, this young woman is now scarred for life by an experience you wouldn’t wish on your worse enemy.  For the most complete coverage, go here

If one of these sonofabitches goes free then there are going to be race riots.  Time to cull the herd. 

In a post at Rachel’sTavern, the author states:

On a side note, clearly these people are dangerous, violent, and disgusting, but they didn’t do this because the are Appalachians, rural whites, or poor whites.  They did this because they are criminals, thugs, and racists, so I will not be accepting any comments or commentary like these:

This very post you have just read is among those listed.  I’ve left a comment requesting clarification, but let me state this here to ensure that my (admittedly few) readers don’t misconstrue my meaning.  I do not contend that these people committed these acts because they were poor, or white, or “hillbillies,” or any other reason that I have not explicitly stated.  Regular readers will know that I am myself quite the “hick” at heart, and I come from modest means. 

HOWEVER–I do believe that the very commission of this torture and inhumane treatment of a disabled woman is proof enough that these. . . people–and I use the word people lightly–are white trash.  They didn’t do it because they’re poor white trash.  They’re poor white trash because they did it


12 thoughts on “Six Held In Rape, Stabbing of Woman in WV

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  2. “They didn’t do it because they’re poor white trash. They’re poor white trash because they did it.”

    No offense, but that’s a cop out. People who get called white trash, hillybilly, or redneck don’t get called that because they’re criminals. Most of the people who are called those words as an insult are not criminals, they’re called that because they happen to be poor, white, and live in a certain region.

    If this had happened in San Francisco or Manhattan, would they still be poor white trash? Probably not — that cop in Chicago who beat up a bartender wasn’t called poor white trash, as far as I know. Ted Bundy, Carl Roberts IV and Tim McVeigh don’t get called poor white trash.

    Did you call them white trash because they are criminals, or because they are criminals who live in a trailer park in West Virginia?

    We all misspeak sometimes; I’ve done it before, in writing, on my own blog, in a very similar situation. But you can recognize what’s wrong with what you wrote, own up to it and say “Yeah, that was out of line, sorry,” or you can come up with some excuse.

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  4. It’s interesting that you start your response, Vox, by critiquing Jamie’s use of “white trash” as a cop out with a cop out of your own: No offense. “Hey, don’t take offense, but now I’m going to knowingly give offense and just want a sort of conceptual get-out-of-jail free card because, while I want to express my opinions, I don’t want to take the heat for them.”

    I am uncertain exactly what your purpose is in defending “poor white trash”. The inherent nobility of the working man is all very good and well, but we’re not discussing him, are we? You’re absolutely right in that “white trash” is not a racial designation like “Hispanic” or “Asian”. It’s an insult. Certainly advocate all you like for people to not view all poor white working-class members of Southern society as “poor white trash”, but that’s an entirely separate issue to using the term when it’s justified.

    Frankly, I think you’ve overdosed on Steinbeck.

    I’m doubly uncertain about your means to accomplish this dubious goal. “Poor White Trash” is not geographical. Crossing the Mason-Dixon line with a northerly heading doesn’t make you immune from being poor white trash nor does it redeem you by Cartesian coordinates alone. If this had happened in New York or Chicago then they would still have been poor white trash as they qualify on the three important points: They’re poor, they’re white and they certainly are trash. Despite what you and Whoopi Goldberg apparently believe, trash doesn’t just live in the South.

    Speaking of “otherizing”, you seem to be guilty of a more egregious mischaracterization by implying anyone who lives in a trailer park in West Virginia can probably be called white trash but they’re not all criminals. That’s the most subtle kind of bias, the bias of position.

    These six individuals have committed a horrible action against humanity and they’ve done it with the same exact notions that are implied by the term “white trash”: brutal, uncivilized, nonsensically proud, savage. These qualities certainly don’t apply to everyone from the South (or the North, for that matter) nor are they found in everyone living in a trailer park or in Appalachia. They do apply in spades to these six individuals and that, as Jamie said, is why they are white trash.

  5. Actually, I’ve never read a word of Steinbeck. And the “regional” applied more to calling them “hillbillies” (which was done by some of the other writers Rachel linked above, not by Jamie, but which I felt should also be addressed).

    And I actually did mean no offense whatsoever. As I said in my comment, I’ve been on the other side of this argument, and I know what it feels like.

    As far as “implying anyone who lives in a trailer park in West Virginia can probably be called white trash but they’re not all criminals,” if that’s how my comment came across, then I seriously need to reword it. People should not be called white trash (or hillbillies, or whatever) at all. Unfortunately, it’s a fact of life in the U.S. that many people insult poor white people, many of whom don’t deserve it, by calling them white trash.

    I’m not trying to play some sort of semantics game here. I’m saying that many people who are not criminals and are not bad people at all are called white trash as an insult simply because of their social class. It’s an offensive term meant to belittle poor white people.

    Additionally, I’m saying that the social class of these criminals is not the cause of their actions; there are plenty of monsters from all races, classes, and genders, and writing this crime off as something “poor white trash” does is just wrong.

    Several people have expressed this in other ways at . You might find one of them easier to understand if I’m not communicating well.

  6. No offense, but that’s a cop out. People who get called white trash, hillybilly, or redneck don’t get called that because they’re criminals.

    Well, evidently they do, because I just did it. If you want to call out others who use their words indiscriminately, good for you, but don’t put other folks’ unjustifiable reasoning on me.

    As I said in a response to Rachel, Vox, I’m white and much of my family is poor. For the first part of my life we were on WIC and lived in a trailer park. And I have family that I would refer to in the same way: they’re drunks or hooked on drugs, money goes to lottery tickets instead of fixing the roof of their broken down trailer, and they do nothing good with their lives. Lots of people are poor. Some are white. Some aren’t.

    But when people are trash I feel no guilt in calling them so. It’s not because of circumstance of location–it’s because of their behavior. My comment was justified.

  7. Now would it be considered racist if the perpetrators in this case were African American and I called them poor black trash? Some would probably think so, and I doubt I’d say it just to avoid the controversy. But they would still be trash. Anyone who could do such horrible things to ANY person is trash, regardless of color, and deserves to be punished to the utmost extent of the law. I feel no sympathy for torturers and rapists. Maybe it’s just me.

    I think the real objection is to the colliquial usage of “poor white trash.” Sorry, but in this case I think those words are an accurate description, despite the predisposed notions of, as you put it (not I, ever), “hillbillies.” For god’s sake, I live on a farm, raise chickens and horses and a garden. If anyone’s a hillbilly, I’m damned close to it.

    But if anyone thinks it isn’t justifiable to call these people trash simply because of what they did to this young woman, I’d be damned well interested in seeing why they think it is so.

  8. It’s an interesting case. I was reading a few blog posts about this yesterday, and there’s some outrage from the usual quarters that the police don’t seem very inclined to charge the attackers with a hate crime. (The reason they’re not is because the attackers knew the victim, and the crime seems more motivated by the victim having one of the perpetrators charged with domestic violence a year before the attack). So, even given the white-on-black nature of the case, it seems the main motivation wasn’t race-based.

    Not that that will make any difference in the world. People see whites attacking a black and the topic is automatically racial. It’s the lazy narrative in our society to explain horror. “How can we make this fit into our comfortable ideology?” No brainer.

    Although, to be very fair, there are also quite a few blog posts from the other side asking why this case is getting tons of media coverage and the young white couple tortured and murdered by black attackers did not.

    Isn’t it weird we have political sides about this sort of thing? People are tortured by their fellow human beings, and we have to fight it out over racial issues. Yes, yes, stabbing and burning people. That’s very interesting. But what color were they?! Lord, our priorities are screwy.

    Not saying you did this, Jamie. Just making an observation from what I’ve been reading around.

    That said, the fact my family is white trash is a joke I’ve kept running for at least the past twelve or so years. They are. They range from upper-middle to working class, but they’re still all kinds of white trash. I think it’s funny. It isn’t about regional or economic situation. It’s about acceptable behavior. A cousin (whom I abhor) makes 250k a year . . . and he’s an alcoholic working on his fifth DUI and eleventh domestic violence police visit. His wife shot him in the mouth on Christmas. One of them went through the plate glass window in the living room another year. Thoroughly suburban, well-off . . . and eight different kinds of white trash.

    Trash is a mindset, yo.

  9. That was my thought, but I’m getting mucho scorn for it.

    Unrelatedly, I’m getting lots of traffic from that Daily Reveille piece which I commented on. (The article was featured on GoodAsYou first, then Queerty, then GayPatriot.)

    As another aside: How’s the other thing going?

  10. Oh, and I’ve read that part of the reason why Federal Hate Crimes laws aren’t being persued is that the state laws in this case carry much harsher penalties.

  11. i no yall stupid self aint defended dem dey deserve 2 b call eveything in da book for what dey did 2 dat little girl their not white trash their FILTHY WHITE TRASH HOW DARE YALL TRY 2 DEFEND DEM YALL TRASH

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