Datalounge Delusions

The extent to which some gay people will go just to vilify someone else, even another gay man, like me, will never cease to amaze me. 

I pride myself on being very open, honest, and middle-of-the-road in my beliefs.  Look at my Coming Out page, or It’s All About Me, and you can see what I mean.  I don’t think labelling people as “liberal” or “conservative” in order to conduct a conversation is helpful at all–in fact, it prevents serious consideration of ideas you or I may never have honestly considered before simply because we don’t like the source of the ideas.  Like Republicans who think Bill Clinton could never have a good idea, or Liberals who think Pat Buchanan could never have a good idea.  The reality is that they have both had both good and bad ideas, and each idea needs to be judged on its merit, not the merit of the one proposing it.  So discussion, even vehement disagreement, is healthy, and, IMHO, a necessary part of honest learning and human progress. 

Regular readers of my blog know that I often “get into it” with some commenters in particular over certain issues, and I may even get frustrated, but I make no bones about it: I may disagree with something you have to say, but I’ll defend your right to say it–unless it’s way over the line.  And what I consider “way over the line” is apparently just fine at Datalounge. 

In a thread over at the Datalounge entitled “Log Cabinette Website Hosts Vicious Anti-Gay Attack”, the hostility is unhinged, to say the least.  This was the most recent message posted by one of the braintrusts on that site:

Run along Jamie, no one wants to play with you and no one is interested in you or your friends. You can go back to worshiping Matt Sanchez and making excuses for the GOP on your own sites.

Because that’s SO what I’m all about.  Don’t get me wrong, I can take being called a GOP’er (even though it’s vastly off-base); to me that’s the same as being called a liberal.  I’m neither, yet called both all of the time.  Having to deal with immature commenters is part and parcel of the internet “raison d’être” and one must simply learn to live with it. 

What I would never, ever condone, however, and would hope most readers here wouldn’t as well, is telling someone that they deserved to be bashed.  Or that they “wished they had a bat right now.” 

That’s the type of commentary that’s evidently welcome on this supposedly “pro-gay” site.

Also from the thread: one Charles Wilson, who’s obsessed with Matt (Dirty) Sanchez.  Despite the fact that I defended him from the accusations hurled at him by both NDT, whom I consider a friend (must be a cardinal sin or something) and Gregg Carpenter, Wilson just posted this outright fabrication:

The Cabinettes of the “Malcontent” site got their “AIDS dementia” stuff at a different site, which is linked below. And they got it from “The Bwog,” which is run by people at Columbia University. The first person to spread the “AIDS dementia” stuff about me was none other than Matt Sanchez. . .

So, this is how the wingnuts work: tell a lie on one website, and then start replicating it around the web. “The Malcontent” is just one more group of wingnuts happy to do it. Wouldn’t you think the fact that they’re gay themselves would make them draw a line?

Actually, I draw the line at dishonesty and lack of integrity.  Never once have I supported Matt Sanchez or the GOP.  This all started over at the Malcontent during a thread discussion over Larry Craig, Mike Rogers, etc.  After clicking through many, many links, I took this position:

I have to say, NDT, I just read both Charles’ site and the article you linked to. While I do find Charles’ obsession a bit over the top, Gary Carpenter seems a definitive ASS who likes to throw around AIDS as an insult and weapon with no regard to veracity or conscience, but just because it makes him feel good and elicits a “hurt” response. And his “evidence” against Charles is more like browbeating than any type of real evidence.

I’ve made a point of telling those who DO belong to LCR that they should not support any party that has discrimination integrated into their platform.  And then there are my other posts, like this, and this, or even this, that should be demonstrative evidence of my non-party affiliation, but the Datalounge cretins won’t even be bothered to check out a nuanced point of view.  The truth is evidently not important to them.  In their minds, if you’re not an ultra-liberal, then you must be a “Cabinette.”

Please do yourself a favor and make a note of it.  Those people are either evil or stupid.

17 thoughts on “Datalounge Delusions

  1. You know, I’m still confused about the AIDS dementia thing. He keeps accusing us of it, and I know neither Matt nor I would ever use that as a line of attack against someone. Hell, we got into a huge fight with Joe.My.God last year because he misinterpreted something Matt said as accusing him of AIDS dementia.

    Admittedly, you couldn’t pay me to read through some of the stuff in the thread being referenced. After Charles’ second or so post, my eyes kind of glazed over. And I didn’t bother reading the Sanchez brouhaha because it honestly doesn’t interest me. The whole Charles/NDT/Sanchez argument looked like bothering to read it would’ve been like walking into the middle of a fight that’s been raging for hours. Not sure when it started, no idea what’s going on, not even sure who the combatants are, but I think I’ll just be leaving the room now.

    I never read the DataLounge before last night. I’ve heard enough about it over the years to know that one’s ability to be bitchy, catty, and as cruel as possible is directly correlated to one’s popularity – the worst kind of gay men, in other words. I avoid those types both online and off. While I have some sympathy for the fact those types are more or less going through life as the walking wounded, it quickly vanishes once I see the kind of collateral damage they leave behind.

  2. I’d never even HEARD of Datalounge before this. Although I would think, from the qualifications you listed [bitchy, catty, cruel], that I could potentially rule the site!

    I don’t see myself visiting that site any time soon at all–although I do appreciate the traffic, lol.

  3. Yeah, you’re right. I’m not cruel enough. I’m in a good relationship with a good man. Takes a lot of the bitterness away.

    But I WAS raised Catholic. So the skills of curelty are somewhat ingrained. 😉

  4. I’m sayin. There’s a reason my favorite character in Hunchback of Notre Dame is Judge Frollo.

    Anyway, I need to spend some of my day off picking up monster poop. But, I wanted to pick your brain at some point, because I gather you read a lot of fantasy fiction. Er, but I don’t know your e-mail address. You’d think I would by now, but I’m lazy.

  5. “Oh yes, Aunt, I can be very cruel. I was taught by masters.”

    10 points on your gay card for citing from where that quote comes. 🙂

    Meanwhile, as I mentioned on Malcontent, this guy’s modus operandi is pretty simple; appear, throw insults, then pull out the “I’m an AIDS widow” sob story when he gets called on it.

    After years of dealing with JoeMyGod and other gays who use HIV status as a weapon, not only am I pretty immune to its use, I’ve started to get upset by it. There are hundreds of thousands of people who have lost loved ones to AIDS or who have it themselves, and somehow managed not to turn into screaming idiots. People like Charles Wilson and JoeMyGod are exploiting and dishonoring peoples’ deaths to excuse their inexcusable behaviors, and I will not tolerate it.

  6. LOL, No wonder you were trying so hard to drive traffic from datalounge to here seems you losers are only talking to yourselves in your lonely little blog.

    You shitstains are the worst kind of gay men. You pretend to be all for gay rights, but when it comes right down to it you’d shove your fellow gays under the bus if it put you ahead.

    The guys on DL knew it and that is what we were responding too. Apparently, judging by the lack of responses here, other people see it as well.

    Enjoy yourselves in your delusions maybe if you’re really lucky Matt Sanchez will come by and leave a message.

  7. And, one more thing, the thread you were posting in was Flamed and Freaked by the webmaster. In other words closed.

    And, the one freak that said he liked you, was red tagged.

    I was the guy that said he was glad you were gay bashed. I wasn’t red tagged.

    Too funny…

  8. And, the one freak that said he liked you, was red tagged.

    I was the guy that said he was glad you were gay bashed. I wasn’t red tagged.

    Too funny…

    That comment is beyond scary.

  9. You win, QJ…..ten points. 🙂

    And as for Alex:

    You shitstains are the worst kind of gay men. You pretend to be all for gay rights, but when it comes right down to it you’d shove your fellow gays under the bus if it put you ahead.

    Isn’t it amazing how they insult you in the first sentence, and then claim you should be nice to them because they’re your “fellow gays” in the second?

    Like I said above, I still haven’t figured out how to deal with these people. Maybe the best thing to do is to pull a Catherine and leave them pounding on the door and screaming, begging, like Morris, for us to let them in.

  10. From Alex’s “response,” it’s clear that he didn’t read a word I wrote but came here anyway with his own notions. And I think he believes that this is the Malcontent.

    I’m going to leave that comment up so that my more liberal commenters can see exactly what type of douchebags reside over there.

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