Oh, Baby

After reading this discussion between Signorile & Crain about the appropriateness of outing politicians (a good read but really just a re-hashing of already established viewpoints for the larger masses), I noticed this ad at the bottom of the page: 


I’ve got to warn you before I go on, put down any hot coffee or similar beverage that you don’t wish to spill.  Because I clicked on the first ad, and you are not going to believe your eyes. 

I keep telling myself this has to be a joke.  But they ask for your credit card information.   And bill you through Paypal. 

Clicking on the first ad brings you to this site, which deceptively presents itself as an actual test to determine if your baby is gay.  While the first page does contain the disclaimer “for entertainment purposes only,” it also states that the test has a money-back guarantee.  Click through it yourself, or check out the screenshot (click to view) :


Did you click them?  Good.  Because here’s what’s next:


This is the page you’re supposed to print and have your baby lick–“moisten for 15 seconds”–before mailing it in and filing your payment on the site. 

No, I did not make this shit up.  Remember, this showed up as a “sponsored link” on a Newsweek article. I am just hoping beyond all hopes that this is one of those parody websites, like BaptistsforBrownback that had me fooled initially.  But I don’t think so.  I think it’s meant to con the rubes. 

Still, I’m a bit worried that straight parents (alright, probably in trailer parks–there, I said it) who can’t afford it are going to fall for this kind of crap.  The “150% moneyback guarantee” is clearly meant to convince someone of the veracity of this “test”–the same someone who’s not going to realize that by the time their baby is old enough to determine whether or not the test was valid, this company will be history. 

It’s predatory and I don’t find if funny one damned bit.  I call shenanigans, if not downright fraud, and I don’t think that “entertainment only” bologna is adequate legal disclaimer when noted alongside “100% accurate”. 

Besides, the article was about “outing” Larry Craig, who says he’s “not gay” six ways to Sunday.  Have him lick it. 


2 thoughts on “Oh, Baby

  1. Sorry, the gay test is a bit funny.

    And I have no pity for the fools that would fall for this. In order to be conned, you would have enough money to own a computer and pay for an internet connection. What’s another Jackson to them.

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