African Americans Are More Patient Than I

Watch these clips from Socially Offensive Behavior.  No way would I sit through this shit.  I’ve left jobs before because of racist assholes.  Check it out after the jump:

The Oklahoma guy in this next one gets right into it, too. 

No f’ing way, man.  No f’ing way. 

So what’s the most interesting thing about this?  People put up with it

I don’t watch BET normally because, well, I ain’t black.  I’m going to look for this show, though. 

(h/t GoodAsYou, which posted the following:)


2 thoughts on “African Americans Are More Patient Than I

  1. Honestly, I think that if I was faced with this stuff I would be so confused that I would likely sort of sit there and stare like the rest of these people. Think about it. It would be like a person from the 1920s being brought to the year 2007 and then expecting them to just automatically understand what was happening.

  2. Oklahoma Guy. Oy Vey. I doubt the BET audience will find that lame “explanation” very convincing.

    Is that fellow NOT the walking embodiment of negative stereotypes?

    Sniveling, cowardly, and a sycophant who will say (and do) anything to get ahead. Way to represent, man.

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