Alltel and The Pentagram Earrings

I had to laugh at this story on WorldNetDaily:

Cell-phone carrier Alltel is raising eyebrows with a TV spot featuring a woman wearing large earrings in the shape of a Pentagram, the symbol of Satanism and other occult beliefs and practices.

Alltel, an Arkansas-based company, has long ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Little Rock Rose Law Firm and has been shrouded in mystery and intrigue since its inception.

Here’s the commercial in question:

Upon watching this commercial ten times I still can’t tell if those are pentagrams or not.  Actually, the angles don’t look equally spaced to me, which is required in a pentagram.  And while the pentagram may be more familiar as a Satanic symbol to those obsessed with finding sin every place they look, it actually has a basis in many different religions.  This “Breaking News” from WND seems like quite a stretch to make in order to smear Hillary.  Then again, WND isn’t known for their accuracy in reporting. 

But wait–didn’t Ty Pennington do an Alltel commercial?  Why, yes, here it is:

Extreme Home Makeover, on which Ty appears, is a favorite of Christians everywhere.  So why is WND not condemning Ty for his appearances in the Alltel commercials? 

Another item I find quite interesting is that WND itself is selling videos on “Christian Yoga,” when Yoga itself is a practice originating from Hinduism–a religion which worships the cow.  Now what is it, exactly, that the Bible says about that?  Oh, yeah:

And the LORD struck the people with a plague because of what they did with the golden calf Aaron had made.

Yeah, endorsing the worship of false idols is a sin.  So tacit endorsement of a religion associated with worshipping those same idols is also a sin. 

So what’s my point?  Anyone can find something to object to if they look hard enough.  I highly doubt that Alltel purposely had plans to endorse Satan.  Or that the costume department thought much about it except perhaps, “Hey, these earrings will look good on you.”  Gimme a break.  There’s plenty of rhetorical rope to string up the candidates with, without resorting to this kind of witch-hunting. 


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