Disturbing As Hell

I’ve been a Yankees fan for as long as I can remember, so seeing this video was particularly disturbing for me, since it involves Yankee fans at Yankee stadium.  According to the Youtube description:

The Bleacher Creatures serenade some douchebag red sox teenager who thought it would be a good idea to sit in section 41 for a Mid Summer Yankee Red Sox game. Moron.

Hey, I’m all for raking Red Sox fans over the coals any chance I get.  But calling them “gay” and actually having a song made up about it is the best they can do?  What a bunch of pricks. 

(h/t Inside the Gay Gate)


2 thoughts on “Disturbing As Hell

  1. Jamie, My partner and I are big time Yankee fans and go to several games a year. And we are both disturbed by these and other Bleacher Creature actions. That is one section of the stadium we will never get tickets for. We sat at the other bleacher section for one game last year and it was fine. I had thought that the asinine “Why are You Gay” song had been banned. Yeah, it sounds like abridgment of free speech, but the song has been clearly used to harass and violate the rights of others.

    Most of the experience of attending a Yankee game is positive. Of course traffic can be an issue getting there, and Rivera blowing a game after the Yankees dramatically tied up the game can be disheartening. But it’s disappointing when fans deliberately try to ruin the experience for others. Even for Red Sox fans. It’s one thing to poke fun at someone for being a Red Sox fan, which is one of the more detestable things on Earth to be. But to harass them is another thing. And further, the “song” is clearly intended to be homophobic. After one game while exiting on the concourse, Yankee fans were close to physically harassing a woman Red Sox fan. And despite the fact I could have easily had my @$$ kicked, I told them to knock it off.

    My other pet peeve are the hat police fans who have to tell others how to be patriotic. On one cold, snowy game in his condescending way told us how we had to take our hats off for God Bless America. Sure, it was his First Amendment right, but since I was in a pissy mood, I used my First Amendment right to tell him to shove it.

    I have found a way to deal with offensive fans. At a game against the Mets this one fan (a Mets fan, but I would have done the same thing if he was a Yankees fan) spewed both f words every other sentence. So I told security personnel about this fan, and by the time I came back from the men’s room, he had been removed, because he was still spewing his filth. It’s not that I have thin skin, but it is unsportsmanlike, and more importantly, there are kids nearby.

    I went to a NY Red Bulls soccer game recently. One of the fan clubs had chants with expletives against the opposing team. What I couldn’t understand was how they got away with it when such behavior is simply not allowed at most sporting venues. So I wrote a letter to the managing director of the Red Bulls, and he said he would speak to the fan club. At the game on Saturday (with David Beckham’s first MLS start), fans were warned against using expletives, which did not occur the other game I saw. So sometimes speaking out does work.

    Pardon my long rant, but it does seem like we worry more about the sensibilities of persons who see two men kiss, more so than those who are really harassed and subject to outright homophobia.

  2. Pardon my long rant, but it does seem like we worry more about the sensibilities of persons who see two men kiss, more so than those who are really harassed and subject to outright homophobia.

    You’ll get no argument from me on that score. If people don’t like watching two men kiss–don’t watch. It’s that simple.

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