Tornado in VT/NY

Yesterday afternoon a storm swept its way through the state of Vermont and took down a number of trees and power lines in its path.  Barns were toppled, gazebos thrown about, and shingles ripped free of my own parents’ home.  For those of you elsewhere, the news is saying that this one will go down in the history books.  Tornados are extremely unusual for our Area.

I turned on the news when I got home last night to see how bad the damage was statewide.  Channel 5 was running on generator power, and the weathermen described how they’d been alerted to the storm.  According to them, they’d heard lightening first and gone outside to check it out.  When they got outside they could see the clouds moving in a circular motion, and the quarter-sized hail was falling in a rotational pattern–like a Tornado.  While Tornado claims remain unofficial, winds did hit 90mph. 

This video, taken in Plattsburgh, NY, shows how strong some of the winds were before the storm crossed Lake Champlain into Vermont. 

On its way across the lake the storm passed over Grand Isle county, ripping 30 year old trees from their roots, and tossing an acquaintence’s gazebo across their backyard like a ragdoll.  Roads to the center of the island were closed and power was out for a few hours at least.  Some areas of the state remain without power. 

I was lucky.  I only had to drive through the tail end of this one to get home.  That was bad enough.  On the way I passed trees that had been clearly thrown across the roads.  The opposite lane of the interstate (southbound) had one section near the Georgia, VT exit where traffic had to travel in only one lane (half a lane, really) since a huge clump of 20-25 ft tall trees had been felled across the highway.  The big news at my house was that the dog was wet and a small part of fencing was down.  Thankfully I live north of where the hard stuff fell. 


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