Today, I encountered a Youtube comment thread that made me spill my coffee.  I’m sure by now that you all know what ROTFLMAO means.  One commenter inadvertently struck the wrong keys in their haste, which begat the following–The Best Youtube Comment Ever:

Who is Rolf Mao? A comedian?

FYI, YES, this is a play on Sullivan’s newest and lamest feature.  I had wanted to mention something about Andrew Sullivan’s incomprehensible use of superlatives lately, and this seemed like an apt time to do it.  Maybe it’s me, but posting a different clip every single day and entitling them all as “Best.Movie.Line.Ever.” seems to belie an ignorance of the meaning of the word “best.”  Again, maybe it’s me. 


5 thoughts on “Best.Youtube.Comment.Ever.

  1. I found a place where you can post and read all of the hilarious, moronic, and sometimes insightful Youtube Comments. Check it out:

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