Poor Online Editing Strikes Again!


Don’t people read things before they post them?  I mean, I write for a blog, not a News Source, and I think I have much better judgement about these things than the so-called professionals.  From today’s GoogleNews comes a story about the possibility that Homo Habilus coexisted at the same time as Homo Erectus.  This is important news in the development of human evolutionary theory.  So how do the hacks at GoogleNews choose to title it?  Ahem:


No kidding.  Two human ancestors probably co-existed.  YA THINK?!? 

Then there’s the shoddy headline at the Huffington Post:


Aren’t they his children as well?  There’s nothing grammatically wrong with this, but it is certainly sloppy word choice. 

Then there’s this beauty from FoxNews AND The New York Times:



Granted, the subtitle of this one clarifies things, but the title is still ridiculous.  There’s a reason newspapers don’t refer to the Yankees as the Bronx Bombers anymore–because a headline that says Bronx Bombers is likely to cause a mild panic.

Of course, I’d offer my own editing services–for a fee–but they’d never take me up on it.


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