Busy, Busy, Busy

Here are a few items for today:

  • An insider’s view and commentary on Gays and Lesbians who wish to adopt or foster parent. Excerpt: “As a child, if a family had come forward and allowed (sic) to adopt me, I would not have cared whether they were heterosexual or homosexual.  I desired only to have a family, someone to actually call me son and someone to actually say they loved me!”
  • Catch up on what’s going on in the Big Brother house with BB8Dish (Warning!!! Spoilers for Tuesday’s show abound!!) Just my opinion, but Evil Dick has GOT to go.
  • Newsweek’s got a small article about Hillary Clinton and “her gays.” 
  • The Washington Post thinks YEARLYKOS isn’t diverse enough.  Now that’s entertainment!

More later if I get a chance. 


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