In Accordance With My Authoritative Nature (I’m Mighty Bossy)

Here are the Mighty Mighty Bosstones:

Impression That I Get

Where’d You Go?

You Gotta Go!

Sidenote: Friends of mine turned me on to the Bosstones’ eclectic and original style with their bootleg concert tapes (yes, tapes–that’s what happened after 8 track and vinyl but before cd’s.  Check for a Wiki if you’re still confused, young’uns.).  So when they hit mainstream success I was fairly pleased.  Of course, a similar set of friends introduced me to these guys via bootleg tapes before they hit it big–years pre-“Two Princes”–and I thought they were a fun group as well.  Who knows where they are now . . .


Two Princes

Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong

Happy Friday!


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