Sheepers Creepers

This story really gets my goat. 

A Sherborn teen was charged yesterday with having sex with sheep at a farm near his home, and police reports suggest the encounters may have gone on for nearly a year.

Unconfirmed reports say the young man was heard to be singing as he left the courtroom, “I only have eyes for Ewe.” 

No mention if he used lambskin condoms.

Baaa-aaa-aaa-d boy.

UPDATE: After the jump

According to the Edge (Boston), the Massachusetts Family Institute would love nothing more than to link this creep with the LGBT movement. 

 MFI’s alert describes the arraignment earlier this month of an 18-year-old Sherborn teenager for allegedly breaking into a nearby farm and having sex with a sheep. The incident, at least according to MFI, is connected with the movement for LGBT rights.

“This incident highlights the path that the state and the nation are heading down with the legalization of same-sex ’marriage’ and the decriminalization of sodomy. It becomes very hard to define unacceptable sexual perversions once the government endorses some as acceptable,” writes MFI.

They are referring to a bill in the MA legislature that removes sodomy from the books as a crime, but actually, despite the MFI’s implications to the contrary, retains language punishing carnal relations with animals.  Maybe that should be “carnival” relations.  Meh.    

If these people were in Canada they’d be protesting Moosehead. 

Whoa, Bullwinkle. 

As if NAMBLA wasn’t enough to worry about, now there’s RAM-BAA-AA-AA. 

Work with me here, people.

Saying homosexuality leads to beastiality is like saying Christianity leads to the KKK.

If the KKK was into fucking goats.  


3 thoughts on “Sheepers Creepers

  1. Pun-ciatus. Very good.

    I probably will pay for admitting this, but I have the entire Xanth series. Up to the current latest hardcover edition.

    However I must say, in my defense, that the Geodessy series was a lot of fun as well, I absolutely loved the Incarnations of Immortality series, Tarot&Cluster, Bio of a Space Tyrant is a MUST . . .

    Oh, hell, I have almost every book ever written by Anthony, Asimov, Simmons, or Bear. (Do you know how many Asmimov books that is?) I do love to stretch my mind. Anything to compensate for dealing with people like Jack.

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