Today’s Little Gems

I can always count on laughing until I choke on my coffee thanks to WorldClassStupid.  And today he’s giving sexual grammar lessons!!  More of you need to read Roman’s work (if that’s his real name, which I doubt)!

3) All night long Carl slept, sprawled naked across the bed, and Max approached with anticipation.

What we learn here is, modifiers in the first half of your sentence also apply to the second. We’ve got a scene that’s probably eight hours long, which means Max moves about as slowly as gay rights.

Why not try your hand at captioning the weekly picture over at Caulkischeap?  Just don’t think of a better caption than I did, thank you very much. 

Did you play today’s Random Daily Trivia?  Why the hell not?  I suck at my own game!

How about this: Lindsay Lohan has been arrested for another DUI.  This time with cocaine in her pocket.  “No?” you say. 

 “Yes,” I cry!  Seeing that the wee lass has a new movie coming out, I Know Who Killed Me, I thought maybe I shouldn’t help give her more publicity for her bad behavior.  Then I thought maybe we could have some fun at her expense and capture this beauty of a mugshot:



Looks like Herbie isn’t the only thing fully loaded.



2 thoughts on “Today’s Little Gems

  1. I have a theory that Disney had a plan to create the ultimate human being…..a beautiful, talented, songstress star that they could exploit all the way from infanthood through Depends ads. Sort of like Julie Andrews if they’d killed her parents.

    But something happened in the laboratory…..the embryo split in two……and all the good went into one twin, and the bad into the other.

    Hillary Duff is the good one. Two guesses as to who the other is.

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