She Funny

From a hilarious article in the New Statesman:

There are still more male suicide bombers than female, possibly because the incentives for a male suicide bomber seem more lucrative. They apparently get 72 virgins. What do Muslim women get if they blow themselves up? A day off. Not really worth it, is it?


4 thoughts on “She Funny

  1. The term “virgin” in Arabic is gender ambiguous.

    Supposedly, you can break all the earthly rules in Heaven. That’s your reward for blowing up buses full of Jewish schoolchildren and flying airplanes into office buildings.

    For example, there are entire rivers of wine in Allah land (even though drinking is strictly forbidden for Muslims). All of Allah’s heavenly servants are “eternally youthful” (basically, a club full of 20-somethings). Your eternal accommodations will be made of gold and silver (not just for Mosques anymore). Oh, and you can dance without fear of beheadings (as you’re already dead).

    Blah, Blah Blah. Compared to Christian heaven, Muslim heaven is a virtual pleasuredome of fun. And yes, I still think they’re totally insane. 😛

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