VERMONT won the recent USAToday contest between Springfields in fourteen states to decide which one would be the home of Homer, Bart & co.  Accordingly, Springfield, Vermont’s small 100-seat movie theater will host the premiere on July 27th. 

Whoa, man. 

Second-place Illinois is very, very bitter about it.  One writer is very freely casting aspersions about “cheating” and “vote tampering”:

The Vermont Springfield got more votes than it has residents, which didn’t go unnoticed by several suspicious election watchers who posted messages on USA Today’s Web site. The head of the local chamber of commerce also confessed in a Vermont newspaper to voting several times from computer labs at a high school.

“I would’ve lost with grace if the winner had been Oregon or even Mass.,” wrote Ildrealwinner on USA Today’s Web page. “But I’ll not lose with grace with VERMONT as the winner. Everyone knows it was all just based on who could cheat the most.”

Oh, puh-lease.  I suppose the fact that I don’t live in “Springfield” means I can’t vote for any of them?  This was a national poll, you SORE LOSERS. 

As Bart would say, “Don’t have a cow, man.”

Here’s the movie trailer:

And here’s Keith Olbermann’s coverage, which contains the full winning entry:

(The man who plays Homer in the winning video, FYI, is Tim Cavanaugh, who hosts “Late Night Saturday,” a local show that runs on the CBS affiliate WCAX).


7 thoughts on “Woo-Hoo!

  1. “More often than most people change underwear” is what you said, right?

    Heh. I just thought the other ones were too damned plain.
    I’m sure I’ll stick with this one for at LEAST a week.

    Problem is, every theme has one thing I don’t like about it. This one, for instance, places all of my links in one single section, whereas I had them split up previously.

    Ah, well.

  2. To be fair, you always change to good themes.

    And what I meant was I was afraid to comment on it HERE, but feel no such fright about commenting on it in my own blog. See, worlds of difference. 🙂

  3. Oh, yeah, I know, I just meant that that was the specific comment I was referring to when I said I changed the theme for you. Specifically. No worries.

    I just wish Matt at WordPress would give me what I’ve been asking for for quite a while now: A 3-column theme (1 main, 2 for widgets, and the option of doing the main column as two columns–like newsprint style), with customizable colors for fonts and background, and a customizable header. I know they’re doing a lot, and it’s free software so I have no business complaining, but that’s the big theme I’m waiting for. They can even Namel it “Options.”

  4. My partner is upset that Springfield, NJ didn’t win. Maybe it’s because the NJ town wasn’t named after a person or something. 🙂 He’s counting the days until the premiere.

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