From: The Because People Are Stupid Dept.

Welcome, welcome.  Sit right down.  We have some lovely choices of idiocy for you to peruse this evening:

Would you like to read about the man who is suing Microsoft for $5 million because his Xbox360 scratched two of his game disks?

Perhaps you would rather read about the couple who died after falling off a roof . . . during sex?

Or if you’re too tired to read, perhaps you can just watch this guy pretend to be totally straight on network TV, while making conversation like this on the webcams:

“Have you seen Snatch or Fight Club?  (gasping breath) Wow.”

Yeah, straight guys all have a “Top 5 List” of men they would sleep with if, if, they were gay. 

You can’t see it but I’m rolling my eyes so much they hurt.


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