Big Brother 8 Week One


Nick is certainly playing all his angles.  Last night he was apparently kissing Danielle on the livecam, and there are pics floating around the net of him spooning with Joe (ugh), and here’s a little confession that Joe’s going to be thinking about every time he’s in the Whack Shack:

Gave a guy a bj once?  And that made your Dad go, “Uh-oh?”  And just how does one’s father find out about such things, I wonder? 

Nick has his legs spread a lot, I notice.  I tend to think it’s all an act.  Unless I see him bottoming for someone I ain’t buying it.  (If he does, however–THAT, I’d buy! 2 copies!  lol)

Of course, he might want to careful just how close he gets to Joe. 

And he wonders HOW he could POSSIBLY have gotten Gonorrhea. 

Way to represent.  Tramp.  


5 thoughts on “Big Brother 8 Week One

  1. Ugh, not another one. Remember Howie from the last two years?

    When will these straight guys learn? Pretending to be ambivalently bisexual to win over the one gay person in the house isn’t a “strategy”, it’s just weird.

  2. Reality TV is one of the common rituals of American life.

    Besides, I’m sure Jamie is just laying the foundation for his thesis proposal: “Permanent Public Identity Formations: Big Brother’s Debunking of Postmodernist Dogma.”

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