Harry Potter Bites It?


THIS  is going to thoroughly piss some people off.  Never mind that he’s only stating his opinion with, as he says, “no inside hints.” 

TODAYshow.com: With the final book coming out, do you ever get a sense of impending doom? Do you think you will survive “The Deathly Hallows”?

Daniel: I think I might die in it, but that’s just my prediction. I think so, but I’ve no idea at all; I have no inside hints.

Personally, I think Mrs. Weasley might be one of the offed characters this time around.  Can you imagine a hoard of angry Weasleys storming the Death Eaters with Harry in the lead? 

Fifteen days until the end. 


8 thoughts on “Harry Potter Bites It?

  1. I’m not much for midnight anythings, but I’m actually going to Borders the midnight of the release, because I know half the Internet is going to spoil the thing if I wait to read it.

    Just about everyone I know is a Potterphile. It’s amusing.

  2. I hear you. There are some people I work with that, frankly, I was unsure could read. And they’re reading the Potter books.

    I probably will stay away from all media until I finish the book. Luckily it’s a Saturday so I won’t have to take the next day off.

    On another note: is this theme too starkly white?

  3. Thanks, John. The comments seem to be waaaaay down the page, though. It’s because I have so much stuff in the sidebar–but I like my links and such and won’t get rid of them.

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