I’m Only Watching To See If I Can Win The Chess Set

Big Brother 8 starts tonight and I’m going to give it a chance simply because I owe CBS for promising to bring back Jericho with new episodes in the fall.  Well, that and I just saw a preview and I would LOVE to get my hands on the Alice In Wonderland Chess Set.  It seems the entire house this year is decked out in an Alice In Wonderland theme. 

I wonder how many times we’ll hear, “Eat Me.” 

One of the “twists” for this season is that one contestant will be subject to the capricious whims of those who have proven they know so much about living life to its fullest: the American viewers. 

You couldn’t pay me enough. 

The other twist, which is even a little more appealing for those into sadism, is that six of the contestants will be living with their enemies.  (I’m curiangrychihuahuaboy.jpgangrychihuahuaboy.jpgous: will the doorbell go *BWAH-HA-HA-HA-HAAAAAA* ?) 

We know for sure that angrychihuahuaboy.jpgangrychihuahuaboy.jpgthere’s one big ol’ mo in the house this time, and his name is Joe.  No favorite sports teams, loves QAF, is a receptionist in a hair salon.  Yup, he’s on the team.


In looking through the cast however (and the girls are far, far prettier than any of the boys, damn, damn, damn it!) I’m getting vibes from this fellow as well: 


Hey, he lists “Life in Cartoon Motion” by Mika as a favorite CD, along with Fosse: The Original Broadway Cast, and Rupert Everett is one of his favorite actors.  So is Patrick Dempsey.  Whaddya need, a map? And if he’s one of those “metrosexuals” then it’s not my fault I called it wrong in the first place.  Those people are like radar jammers for gaydar.  Gaydar jammers, I guess. 

No, my real question here is whether those two are mortal enemies.  (*BWAH-HA-HA-HA)

As for the others, I guess tonight will show us more about them all.  But Zach looks like an angry chihuahua, if I have to be honest.   angrychihuahuaboy.jpgangrychihuahuaboy.jpg


And it seems that this season, as if live webcams and viewers controlling a contestant weren’t enough, CBS had teamed up with ShowtimeToo for Big Brother After Dark, in which all the contestants get naked and wrestle in pudding.  Well, not really, I mean, it’s Showtime, not Skinemax.  Anyhow, Showtime Too will be showing 3 hours of live video from the BB house starting at midnight. 

I doubt that I’ll be bothered.  Unless there’s some way to win that Chess Set.  I can’t find a still of it, but in the clip I saw on Yahoo it looks an awful lot like the Alice in Wonderland chess set I found here

Happy viewing!


4 thoughts on “I’m Only Watching To See If I Can Win The Chess Set

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  2. Hey Jamie,
    I just wanted you to know what happened to the Alice In Wonderland Chess Set you liked from Big Brother 8…It is now hanging on my office wall. 🙂 It is signed by all the producers and Julie Chen. It was given to me by someone at CBS as a gift to a fan of the show…I am not trying to brag about it…ok maybe a little, but i figured you might like to know what happened to it.

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