The GAP, People. This Fashion Disaster Works at The GAP!!

sledd.jpgAnd we’re supposed to take advice from him? 

I can be as downright bitchy as the next gay man, but I try not to unleash it unduly.  HOWEVER, when someone has the audacity to say he’ll respond to interview questions for Homomojo if I mail them to him, (the was way before he got Bravo licking his ass), and then rudely ignores them, well, that’s when I tend to keep watch on the little turd.  I had every intention of being nice, too, and even worded the interview questions with tact. 

Not anymore. 

Today both Queerty and JoeMyGod have little snippets about William Sledd’s impending career.  Both, however, quoted  this interview with AfterElton–and they completely neglected what I think is a much more compelling and revealing quote:

I came out in my senior year of high school to all my friends. I mean, they kind of knew, although some of them didn’t know. It wasn’t bad, though. I have a very close group of friends. I don’t have any bad experiences with coming out.

This from someone with the balls to call his vlog “Ask A Gay Man.” 

Tell me, William, what kind of uninformed “the world is just peachy” tripe are you going to tell someone who does have problems coming out?  HMMM??  In your video “Show Your Pride,” you talk about how coming out is “always hard,” and “one of my good friends started crying one time.”  So which is it?  Do you think having a good friend start crying when you come out doesn’t qualify as a “bad experience?”

I’m not “a hater hiding behind a computer screen.”  I’m someone who saves their emails, including ones from people who back out of obligations and then talk out of their ass.  I was looking forward to your responses to the questions I mailed you.  Now I just look forward to exposing your inanity for all it’s worth. 

Best question from the AfterElton interview?

AE:  What current trend do you love and which one can’t you wait to see die a quick death?

Who want to guess what MY answer would’ve been? 😉

Perhaps I’m being petty and bitchy. Good. The first lesson any wannabe queen should learn is not to piss off someone bitchier than you are.

And William?  Two words: Jenny Craig.   


5 thoughts on “The GAP, People. This Fashion Disaster Works at The GAP!!

  1. Everyone has the right to act (within reason) as they see fit, and American television/media, etc., has the right to publicize it.

    That being said, my tongue is now the rough equivalent of raw meat — from biting it enough to make that statement.

  2. So, by that picture, I take it that necks are out this year? Oh well, I guess good posture and the development of a wheeze whenever you are breathing are small sacrifices to make to the gods of fashion.

  3. There are super flaming guys who are bitchy and catty, but they are funny and they are not genuinely mean. (Do you guys know what I’m talking about?) But there are some guys who are just obnoxious. This William Sledd fellow falls into the obnoxious category. It’s the worst sort of affectation. The fact that he’s “friends” with Stacy London causes me to seriously reconsider my affection for her. 🙂

  4. so, jamie. yes, william has become popular.
    i’m sure he’s not ignoring you on purpose…it’s not like you’re the only person who emails him.

    quit acting like a freakin stalker.

  5. Riiiiiiiight.

    Except that our conversations took place way before he was “popular.”

    Considering the interview was supposed to be for Homomojo, as I wrote above–and I haven’t written for that site in over 6 months. He was just starting to get some attention.

    So, katiep, quit acting like a freakin bitch who thinks she actually has a clue.

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