Two Jerichos to Watch For

While I am admittedly a little too excited about CBS reversing their decision to cancel Jericho (starring Skeet Ulrich) and ordering new episodes (Go Rangers!!), there is some gaming news to share about a vastly different Jericho.  One that may actually get me to buy a PS3 once I can afford it.  Or at least rent one for the week. 

Clive Barker’s Jericho, to be exact, and it looks bitchin’.  Yes, I’m in my 30’s and I said “bitchin’.”  Deal with it. 

Clive Barker, if you don’t already know (and where the hell have you been if you don’t!) is the author of numerous books, plays, and screenplays.  Hellraiser movies ring a bell?  Those are based on a story in Clive Barker’s Books Of Blood.  He’s also gay, just as an aside.  Obviously if you’re not a fan of horror then this won’t be your particular schtick.  But it looks hella fun to me.  From Gamespy:

The game hinges on a regular recurrence of an ultimate evil, a seventh season big bad level of evil. Every few centuries or millennia, it begins to manifest in the real world, presumably to end the world. Throughout history, brave soldiers have forced it back into its otherworldly lair. Each time this occurs, the city it’s manifested in is pulled into its lair as well. By the modern day, its lair is a regular old onion of evil, with each city you clear leading back in time to another city, each of them utterly saturated with this ultimate monstrosity.

Gamespy’s reviewer seems to think the controls need some tweaking, so I’m hoping it gets the fine-tuning it deserves.  If you’ve played Undying then you know how horrifically enmeshed in a Clive Barker game it is possible to find yourself. 

What the hell happened to his voice?  He sounds like Harvey Fierstein in that clip, not the dapper englishman I’m used to seeing and hearing.  Oh, well. 

And while we’re talking about Clive Barker, there are several books of his I’d like to recommend: Imajica, The Great And Secret Show, Everville, and Weaveworld

And don’t forget to watch the other Jericho on CBS this summer so you can catch the new episodes in the fall!!! 


3 thoughts on “Two Jerichos to Watch For

  1. Hmmm, it looks interesting, but at this point the only thing that could make me even think about possibly, maybe buying a PS3 is the next Final Fantasy, and even then that price would have to come way, way, WAY down. Like “limbo lowa now” down.

    Besides, between World of Warcraft and totally geeking out and getting a subscription to GameTap, I’m rolling in the games at the moment. Which is good, because my consoles are packed away.

  2. I see even rentals as giving too much praise to Sony for their nightmarish behavior as of late. When I think they’ve suffered enough to learn some humility, THEN I’ll see about renting their blindingly overpriced toy. 🙂

    And Oui to Wii!

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