Huffpo Follies Episode 1

I’ve pointed out several times before that The Huffington Post really needs to get a copy editor.  It’s time, I guess, to start giving these puppies their own category.  We’ll call today’s disastrous layout Episode 1. 

Print journalism, in case you didn’t know, has something in common with real estate: location, location, location.  Placement of stories upon the printed (or digitized, as the case may be) page can either highlight or distract from the stories you print.  So while today’s choice of this:


in the far right column could be an uplifting story, it is marred considerably by the story pictured directly above it:


Ah, that Justin Timberlake. Such a giver.  Not only donating food and sports equipment to the impoverished, but also so giving of himself


2 thoughts on “Huffpo Follies Episode 1

  1. Hmm … agreed on the unfortunate placement, but I’d actually be interested to see if the Justin story provides any reasons for his behavior.

    And sorry, but anytime I see “phlegm” in a newspaper headline, that’s just funny. Hi, I’m an emotional adolescent.

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