This Should Be Interesting . . .

This Guy called me “Breeder” just because I said “homos.”  Specifically:

I just get fed up with homos who feel being gay means an automatic free pass for public debauchery, and if we don’t support that behavior then somehow we’re anti-gay or self-loathing or some such nonsense.

I’ve left a comment on his blog, responded to his comment on mine, and sent him an email.  Can’t wait to see if this can be cleared up without virtual bloodshed. 

UPDATE:  THE VERY NEXT DAY HIS BLOG WAS DELETED!!!  That’s a turn of events I hadn’t expected. 


4 thoughts on “This Should Be Interesting . . .

  1. lol Nice post “J.”

    I have to say, that’s the first time I’ve ever been called a breeder. lmao

    You know, this whole thing will probably end up being analyzed to death as a socio-political experiment or something. 😉

  2. speaking as a homo, I agree totally, I think sex should be kept in private, not paraded out on the streets, even I get fed up with guys who can’t keep it in their pants. Have these guys no self control!

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