Brazen Gay Idiocy

Okay.  This video is definitely not for kids, so I’m not tagging it “Disney.” 

Guys, do us all a favor: when going to Gay Days, leave the shirts that say I LOVE DICK and the leather pants with the split in the ass AT HOME!  Let’s try to remember that Disney is for couples, families, and kids, and it isn’t Debauchery Island. 

The mom who made the above video obviously can’t stand ANYTHING “gay,” but I did see a couple of pictures that I definitely wouldn’t want my neices and nephews to see.  Sober up and REPRESENT.

Have a little class, for God’s sake.  There’s nothing wrong with kissing your boyfriend on the teacup ride, but try not to RIDE HIM until you’re back in the hotel room, ok? 

Just a thought.  You can’t tell straight people that we are the same as everyone else and then go right out and behave like a bunch of drunken 13-year olds who just found their johnsons all at the same time. 


9 thoughts on “Brazen Gay Idiocy

  1. There’s no question that these photos show inappropriate behavior. However, with the exception of the drag queens, it seems like many of them were taken in fairly secluded areas (possibly a parking lot). Anyone who has been at Disneyland knows taking a main throughfare picture without others in the background is practically impossible… and the walking paths are lit up brightly at night.

    Without defending the behavior, which is juvenile, I think this person certainly has an agenda. That aside, Jamie, it’s not about what you or I think as far as Disney is concerned. It’s about money.

    If Disney didn’t put a stop to ‘Flash Mountain’ – the phenomenon of teenaged girls flashing their boobs before the plunge on Splash Mountain for the binochulars and photo below – what chance do these folks have?

    The reality is, like all corporations, Disney is in the business of making a profit. Had these parental temper tandrums affected their bottom line, they would’ve already banned Gay Day. The same could be said of those horny teenagers in California. The fact that they haven’t says something about who’s spending more money at these theme parks.

    The parents who complain the loudest about their young children being exposed to offensive behavior are usually the same cheapskates who try to sneak bottled water and snacks into the park. They’re the ones who hound the cast members for discounts and comps at stores/restaurants. They demand free strollers and preferential treatment at shows.

  2. OH, I’m certain she has an agenda. No question there. But without defending the plethora of parents who let their children roam the parks unleashed to cause mass disaster (which is most of them unfortunately), I still think we can take a lesson from this.

    You and I, however, aren’t the ones who NEED the lesson. I just get fed up with homos who feel being gay means an automatic free pass for public debauchery, and if we don’t support that behavior then somehow we’re anti-gay or self-loathing or some such nonsense.

    And shame on Disney, as well. I’ve only been once, years ago, and have never before heard of the “Flash Mountain” thing.

  3. As a gay man, their were a couple photos that were inappropriate, but most were no more inappropriate than what I see parents allow their teenage daughters wear. You can’t single out gay men in speedos and graphic tees if you are going to allow your daughters to wear bikini tops and shorts that leave nothing to the imagination with “Juicy” printed on their butt.

    As for PDA, reasonable people shoudn’t be bothered with kissing or hand holding regardless of the sexual status, but their is a line that crosses good taste. I have seen it crossed many times in the streets and in family atmospheres, by hetero-sexual couples, and it makes me uncomfortable. But having never kissed or held my partner of five years hand in public, most pda makes me uncomfortable because the threat of being killed for it is still very real to me.

    The real issue should be with is class and taste and not with sexual orientation.

  4. As for you Jamie, I am sure no one would possibly think you are “anti-gay” or “self-loathing” as your comment said. Certainly not after refering to gays as “homos”.

    Its called sarcasm….Breeder!

  5. My issue IS with class and taste, which I think is quite clear from the post.
    And I am a homo. Queer. Gay. Fag. Big Ol’ Cocksucker. And proud of it. I am constantly saying things like “we homos,” “my fellow queers,” etc. I write for a site called Homomojo, for Christ’s sake. DO I HAVE TO SPELL IT OUT IN EVERY POST?!?!
    I didn’t single out the guys in speedos. I referred specifically to the guy showing his asscrack and generally to things like the simulated blowjob with the beer bottle. You really need to read my “coming-out” page and some of my other entries, and actually read the words entire, instead of picking out what you choose to take offense at.
    We take the power out of words like “homos” and such by owning them. Grow up.

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  7. The you in my first post did not mean you as the poster of the video, but the “you” that created the video. I am assuming they are not the same person as the creator was referred to as a she.

    As for my second post, I did not realize you were gay, so the Breeder remark was misaimed and I apologize, but it infuriates me when anyone uses words like homo or fag. Even when those people are gay. I understand the thought behind taking the power from the word, much like african americans have done with the “N” word. I do have friends that lovely come one another fag or homo, but I still believe it give those who mean the word in a derogatory sense the right to use it, so I take affense to it in any context. I’m sorry, but it just touches a very raw nerve with me.

  8. Well, first, thanks for coming back and apologizing.

    Secondly, I used to be just as sensitive to certain words, but the more I read other gay bloggers and authors, the more I realize that there’s a huge difference between saying “we homos” and “YOU FUCKING HOMOS!!!”

    Personally I think “Faggot” is the worst, and it’s the last one for us to reclaim.

    But think about it: when I first came out about 15 years ago, “gay” was the only term we would accept. “Queer” was the worst slur imaginable. Yet 6-7 years later, here comes a whole new generation that has disavowed the term “gay” and adamantly refer to themselves as “queer youth.” THAT took the older generation a while to get used to, let me tell you.

    So I make it a purpose to never refer to our demographic the same way twice in a row. That way I take the power away from all the ignorant jackasses.

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