Don’t Appeal, Let Him Out NOW

I know I said I’d stay away from the political stuff, but this bears following up on. 


 A judge on Monday voided a 10-year sentence for a man accused of having consensual oral sex with a 15-year-old girl when he was 17. Genarlow Wilson was instead given a 12-month misdemeanor sentence with credit for time already served.

It’s about damned time. 

I wrote about Genarlow Wilson some time ago, and the inequity in his treatment has been abominable.  If he’d had ACTUAL sex with the young lady, he’d have not served a day in jail.  Yet now, over 2 years later, he’s still serving time for merely having bad judgement as a teenager.  If all teens showing bad judgement and having relations like this with other, younger, teens were sent to prison, the prisons would be packed like sardine cans. 

Yet even now, after a judge has ordered him released–and after the Georgia legislature has amended the law he was convicted under to make his crime no longer a crime–the state is “expected to appeal.”  To what end?  A waste of taxpayer monies?  A prosecutor with a grudge? 

This boy was an honor student who went to a party, used pot, and had consensual–note that word–oral sex with a girl two years younger than him.  Democrats and Republicans alike–including the jury that convicted him and the author of the law he was convicted under–cite this as an extreme travesty of justice.  Yet the prosecutor still has a hard-on for putting this kid in jail. 

I don’t know if it’s racism or a simple-minded vindictiveness that pushes this prosecutor to go so far.  But it should damned well stop now, before Genarlow has to serve more time for what was one fairly minor, and still consensual, lapse in judgement. 

Or there but for the grace of God go your own children. 


9 thoughts on “Don’t Appeal, Let Him Out NOW

  1. And I maintain that a victim of a badly-written law–one that makes intercourse a misdemeanor while oral sex is a felony–should get some lenience.

    He didn’t take the plea deal because it would have labelled him a sex-offender.

    Your comments from last time:

    So let’s see. Drugs. Underage drinking. Sex with minors under the age of consent. All on tape, for whatever idiot reason, which is skirting pornography and child-porn laws at best. And, better yet, every last bit of it seems to have been premeditated.

    Aren’t what he was convicted of. Oral sex with a minor–that’s what he was convicted of. And 17 years old is a minor in my book.

    It’s not as if he got off scott free, NDT. But the law is supposed to be righteous, not self-righteous.

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  3. It’s asinine, moralistic nonsense like this that makes me thank God I’ve never seriously entertained the idea of living in the Confederacy.

  4. John – “…never seriously entertaine the idea of living in the Confederacy.”

    I second that motion. I’ll stay north of the Mason-Dixon line, thank you.

  5. Would this be a bad time to mention that Georgia Attorney General Thurbert Baker, who is responsible for keeping Genarlow in jail in spite of this ruling, is actually a black man? I think it’s less about broad geographical stereotyping and more about power corrupts and idiots always seem to rise to the top.

  6. Or it could be that a black man with power is using this as a personal vendetta and making an example because he thinks Genarlow and other young blacks accused of crimes of moral turpitude are giving allblack men a bad name?

    Akin to how some gays feel about gay Republicans and will do ANYTHING in their power to destroy them, a la Mike Rogers?


  7. Don’t have time to think about this at the moment, but it is interesting how this discussion is dovetailing with a discussion on race, white guilt and awareness of stereotypes on another blog I read and comment on, Secrets of the Red Seven. Ah, summer is here and a young demographic’s thoughts turn to race and exactly who The Man is this year.

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