What She’s Really Crying About

Poor Paris Hilton.  Back to jail today.  Queerty’s got the picture and I must say I’m not a bit ashamed that I don’t feel ANY guilt at her tears. 

Of course, that might be because I know why she’s crying.  It isn’t the jail, silly.  It’s the SHOES

At LEAST they could let her get the ones from Nordstrom’s:

Now THAT’S hot. 


7 thoughts on “What She’s Really Crying About

  1. I really do feel sorry for Paris (honest). Maybe I just have a soft spot for rich heiresses (or maybe it was the four hours I spent in jail).

  2. I don’t like to see anyone cry and I actually did start to feel sorry for Paris after looking at these photos. I then realized that she wasn’t going to jail for the DUI, necessarily, but for the extreme contempt she subsequently showed for the law. It’s fair and right that she should be in actual jail, not “confined” to a mansion with servants, friends and the ability to have anything and everything delivered.

    I worry for that judge, though, as I’m fairly certain he’s just painted a bullseye on his back for Hilton retribution. It’ll be a shame if the Hilton money takes him down as he seems to be one of the few out there actually doing their job.

  3. Paris Hilton is a “spoiled brat” in every sense of the term.

    But, given the propensity of L.A. County judges to hand down ridiculously lenient sentences to celebrities, one must ask why this particular judge (Michael Sauer) is so tough on her.

    Is he trying to send a message to his colleagues, the Hollywood elite, and the sheriff’s department? If so, that’s certainly commendable, though he has made many enemies in doing so. Powerful enemies.

  4. Can’t wait to see her getting out party. She should probably be spending the time in rehab instead and get some major psychological counseling. Burger run in the middle of the night? For who? Her dog? I don’t think she eats…well, anything.

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