Always Bette, Never Babs

(EDIT:  Evidently I’ll be posting more than I thought if it keeps raining like this.  Geez.  Don’t forget to check out the 3rd video down.  It’s very entertaining.)

Of all the gay icons that “we’re supposed to like,” I’ve always favored Bette Midler over Barbara Streisand.  They’re not even comparable.  Bette has always been talented and keeps evolving her act. Babs hasn’t done anything worthwhile since Hello Dolly.  Yeah, I said it.

This one brings out the softy in me:

Annnnnd, just because it’s Pride Month, here’s a young cutie who has obviously seen the movie “For The Boys” as many times as I have; the moves he does are Bette’s moves from the movie itself:

And if you want something campier:


5 thoughts on “Always Bette, Never Babs

  1. Hmm, I may have to turn in a membership card or something, but I’ve never really been all that into either of them. I loved “The Rose”, but am not one of those who think she got robbed by Sally Field that year. Babs has always just seemed more of a caricature of a self-involved artist.

    Of the two, though, I would agree that Bette probably has more actual talent and certainly is the better entertainer.

  2. It’s not like I’m one of those rabid fans who “just loves anything she’s ever done omg look there she is AHHHHHH”–nothing like that.

    But I do enjoy both her vocals & her acting, and I remember watching her sing on the final episode of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, and then I cried.

    And I do have a couple of her albums. Vinyl.

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