Ummmm. . .Pride?

In the spirit of keeping my hands off any serious material . . .is this the kind of response William Sledd was hoping for?  It’s a fairly stupid video, but I did laugh at one point. 

Paducah, Kentucky. . . Podunk, Kentucky. . . Potatoe, Po-tah-toe. 

Personally, I think someone who says they’re going to respond to interview questions and then never does is a bit of an ass. I won’t mention any names. 

But he lives in Podunk.

There are some great responses to William’s “Show Your Pride” request, as well as the expected typical, crass, immature crap.  Check them out on Youtube

Buuuuuuut . . . here’s something for Pride that you ought to like. 

2 thoughts on “Ummmm. . .Pride?

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