Check the post below for all the links to go to and petitions to sign.  (The pic is from one of them.)

Seems the folks at CBS don’t know that Jericho has become a second home to many of us.  It’s one of the few places on TV that we actually see the best brought out in humanity. 

Well NUTS to CBS.  (Gotta say I love whoever thought up sending them actual nuts!) 

Update: here’s the text of the letter I sent to my local affilliate and Les Moonves:

I’d like to register my complaint about the unceremonious dumping of Jericho from the CBS lineup. 

This show was never given a serious chance.  It was interrupted midseason and viewers had to “catch” it when it came back on after a three month hiatus.  If you haven’t been informed yet, there is a massive internet campaign (with accompanying phone calls to CBS headquarters) to return the show to the fall lineup.  CBS headquarters should be getting a ton of Nuts in delivered within the next couple of days. 

Jericho is not only one of the best-written shows on TV, it has a terrific ensemble cast and demonstrates some of the finer qualities of humanity, and Americans in general.  That’s something we don’t get to see very often. 

As of now I have removed Channel 3 from my preprogrammed stations on all TVs at home, and my extended family is doing so as well.  While I usually watch the Channel 3 News, I will have to go somewhere else from now on, since I cannot count on CBS to consider the interests of its viewers.  I have absolutely no interest in “Kid Nation”–which is no doubt going to end in a lawsuit from some parents somewhere–as well as NO interest in “Pirate Master.” 

Jericho was something people came together around the TV to watch as a family once again.  And CBS has ripped that from us after a cliffhanger that left us wanting so much more. 

The fans don’t want a “conclusion.”  We don’t desire a tidy wrap-up of the story.  We like the show and the continuing development of truly human characters under extremely adverse circumstances.  The show causes us to reflect on our own lives and actions.  And if those who made the decision to cancel the show had bothered to watch it, maybe they’d have reflected on their own judgement and considered the audience they’re losing permanently. 

Sorry, WCAX.  Blame your parent company for these lost viewers. 


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