Corporate Broadcasting Stupidity

That’s what CBS stands for, evidently. 

I just learned that CBS has cancelled Jericho, one of my favorite shows currently on TV.  They replaced it with Kid Nation (which I would rather eat a fresh turd than watch,) and they add another crappy show to the lineup in which people play make-believe pirates. 

As of last night we blocked CBS from our satellite receiver.  I am royally pissed.  Every time I like a show some braintrust decides to pull it.  Short-sighted assholes. 

Jericho, as one poster put it succinctly, is interactive TV at it’s best:

We point you to
Jericho’s presence online at – the web site, the wiki and the message boards. The level of activity on the
Jericho forum far exceeds the level of participation on all other CBS forums combined. There are single threads in the
Jericho forum more active than entire other fandoms at CBS. The fans of this show talk about the episodes from 9 pm Wednesday until 7:59 pm Wednesday the following week.
Jericho’s fans are very internet savvy. This is the communications vehicle of the present and the future. It has provided us with a means to connect all season – and now a mean to bond together to speak to you as one in this time of need.

Here are some contact links that I found in the message boards.  I really need everyone’s help.  Please help save TV from sinking further into the “Reality TV” mire:

Save Jericho, save the world!


Send snail mail to CBS in New York and LA

  • 51 West 52nd Street
    New York, NY 10019
  • 7800 Beverly Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90039

Sign the petition at

Here’s a direct CBS webform for feedback.

Read this page and see how dismissive CBS is being of the objections raised.  The website JerichoLives is making a valiant attempt to save this show, and since it’s one of the only shows on TV that’s not only well-scripted but aptly cast and interesting to watch, I’d really appreciate the help of any-and-everyone on this. 

I wouldn’t normally advocate for a TV show except to cast my opinions on it, but this show was intelligently written and deserves a chance to succeed.  There is even a thread in the TNT forums pleading with TNT to pick up the show. 

Great read about Jericho and the new lineups here.  Gee, CBS also cancelled The Class and is only giving The New Adventures of Old Christine a half a season.  So the only three shows they had that were WORTH anything are now being screwed with or outright cancelled. 


Here’s a great synopsis of the whole raw deal:

The biggest victim of the TV hiatus this year was the unfortunate Jericho. The post-apocalyptic America was dealt its final mushroom cloud being cancelled after just one season. Okay, I’m no TV executive and I am assuming no TV exec read this column. I am also assuming everyone who reads this column would be able to figure this next part out. You have a new show with good writing, a good cast that is getting a great critical buzz around it. It gets decent ratings, around 10 or 11 each week. After two month of solid ratings what do you do?

A) Put the show on hiatus and bring it back three months later against American Idol
B) Keep running the show through the holiday season when most shows are in reruns and finish up during the early weeks of Idol
C) Repeatedly bash your head into a wall while being constantly sac-smacked by a rented orangutan and mumbling “Save the Cheerleader, Save the World” over and over again.

Congratulations! If you chose Option A, you have the qualifications of a TV executive. Please sign up for your immediate vasectomy/tube-tying so that you may no longer reproduce. If you chose Option B, congratulations! You have this thing called common sense and you may continue to be part of the human race. If you chose Option C, then oops – I guess there are TV executives who read this column.


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