Discussion Needed:

  • More on the Terrorist Banana Situation (I’ve noticed the local stores here don’t carry Chiquita anymore . . .) (From Time Magazine)
    • Still, Chiquita continued to make monthly payments to the AUC until February 2004, even after disclosing the situation to the Justice Department. The Justice Department proposed a settlement under which the company would pay a fine of $25 million — one quarter of the maximum criminal fine that would have applied had the company been found guilty in court.The terms of the deal scandalized human rights activists in Washington and high-level officials in Colombia: “If they had admitted to paying Al-Qaeda, things would be different,” said Dan Kovalik, a lawyer with the United Steelworkers Union, which is sponsoring civil suits against a number of U.S. corporations for allegedly hiring Colombian paramilitaries to kill or intimidate union members and officials.“It’s like they’re saying, well, yes, they’re terrorists, but they’re our terrorists,” Kovalik said.
  • Obama’s Howard Dean moment: will it paralyze his popularity with the netroots?  I actually found Joe’s firsthand account of this through my Myspace account, then checked out DKos for updates, and noted JoeMyGod’s mention of it this morningKO’s talking about it as well.  Could this be the equivalent of Dean’s infamous “scream?”
  • McCain thinks openly serving gay troops prove an “intolerable risk.”  Question: since the December Zogby poll of U.S. Military personell shows that 73% are comfortable serving with gays and lesbians, do “out-of-touch” presidential candidates prove an “intolerable risk?”
  • And if you haven’t seen this yet you’re living under a rock:

11 thoughts on “Discussion Needed:

  1. Bush just announced he’ll veto the federal hate crimes legislation that the House will vote on soon, as well. Another proud moment for the administration, no doubt.

    Jamie, I know you’ll have something to say about this one!

  2. John – where can I find that announcement by Bush? I want to contact my representatives.
    I can probably find it at FOX.com …

  3. Wonderful. I was just about at Robbie’s throat over this at the Malcontent and I’m not sure if I should offhandedly comment about it any more. I may have to write a substantive post for a change.

    No vetos at all for his entire term(s), then two in a week.

    Nice to know his priorities are “straight.”

  4. Yeah. I commented on Pam’sHouseBlend saying, “Did Chimpy get a new pen?”

    I know I’ll get a spanking for that from NDT, but, as you say, we aren’t always rational creatures.

  5. Hey – I’m married to someone who voted for him the first time and supported going to Iraq and NOW after these last few years – he just about chokes at the sight of him on t.v. At least some people can smarten up and see the light. Of course he lives with a raging liberal.

  6. George W. Bush’s three biggest “achievements” as President:

    1. Banning Stem Cell Research

    2. Stopping Gay Rights

    3. Defying the Will of the American People on Iraq

    Somehow, I doubt Congress will be in a rush to approve a “Bush Memorial” on the National Mall when he leaves office. (rolls eyes)

  7. (shrug) As long as one admits they’re acting irrationally, go right ahead and say what you will.

    And of course he’s going to veto it — as he should.

    What this boils down to is the fact that, if I am ever assaulted, I can change it from a simple state crime to a Federal crime, assuring immediate funding, Federal prosecution, and increased punishment for the perpetrator, simply by asserting my protected status — but my siblings, my parents, my grandparents, and my cousins cannot.

    No thank you.

    If the Dems want to increase funding to local law enforcement to investigate and prosecute ALL violent crime, I will support it. If they want to put in place a law that requires ALL violent crime, regardless of the victim, to be Federally investigated, it would at least be consistent. But the fact of the matter is this; if my grandfather were assaulted, they are perfectly content to leave him at the mercy of a system they claim is underfunded and too prejudiced/incompetent to do its job — because he’s not gay.

  8. After watching the video of that weird sea creature, I’ve decided that my only ocean experiences be watching Spongebob reruns.

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