I Call Fowl

This is rich.  In linking to a NYTimes article that indicates that all those wearing the white and black striped uniform of an NBA referee are racist to a degree, the Huffington Post had this brilliantly proofread item up this morning:



A coming paper by a University of Pennsylvania professor and a Cornell University graduate student says that, during the 13 seasons from 1991 through 2004, white referees called fouls at a greater rate against black players than against white players.

Justin Wolfers, an assistant professor of business and public policy at the Wharton School, and Joseph Price, a Cornell graduate student in economics, found a corresponding bias in which black officials called fouls more frequently against white players, though that tendency was not as strong. They went on to claim that the different rates at which fouls are called “is large enough that the probability of a team winning is noticeably affected by the racial composition of the refereeing crew assigned to the game.”

Shoddy craftsmanship, Huffers.  The NYTimes peace used the write word, why knot ewe?

**UPDATE:  Aww, they fixed it.  And not even a hat tip for pointing it out.  Tsk, tsk, Arianna.  Bad manners. 



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