“Almost Gay?”

As I alluded to in a previous thread, last night on Hardball with Chris Matthews, Bill Maher said:

“It’s almost gay, the way they love this man, and the way they can’t stop talking about him and obsessing about him . . . “

The clip is up at Crooks&Liars if you wish to view it, but while C&L are pointing to how Maher “cracked Matthews up” with an earlier remark, they completely miss Maher’s bigoted remark.  Which, I might add, was preceded by a remark about the “campiness” of the republicans.

Bigoted, you say?  Bill Maher?  No more than the rest of the world, I’d say, but still, what if he’d said, “It’s almost black, the way they . . .” anything?  While the term “gay” isn’t offensive to me, the pejorative manner in which it was used definitely is.  And I have no love for the Republican Party

But it strikes me that the word police are very selective about prosecuting these days . . . There’s no mention of this as yet on MediaMatters.


One thought on ““Almost Gay?”

  1. Bill Maher is the left’s Rush Limbaugh or Bill O’Reilly, in many respects. So, it’s not at all surprising that he would make bigoted comments.

    Though I find him more sexist than homophobic. We’re merely collateral damage. The gay innuendo is nothing compared to his attacks on the opposite sex. He keeps on saying stuff like “Democrats need to stop saying things that make women nod” and “Liberals lose because they haven’t stood up to this administation, and they’ll keep on losing as long as they behave like feminized eunuchs in front of Emperor Retard.”

    Certainly, Maher speaks for many disillusioned liberals who believe their side of the aisle has become hopelessly PC and weak. And his entire on-screen persona is that one can espouse a liberal philosophy and not become a whiny little pussy.

    But I think his methodology is flawed, to say the least.

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