Every Played It?

I’ll admit I had my doubts.  I’ve seen a few people with those phony, hokey guitars strapped to themselves in the game stores at the mall, and never did I think I’d use one myself.  Little did I know some friends of ours had bought one for the kids.  Saturday night they brought it all over, and we played Guitar Hero II for the PS2. 

OMG what a blast I had with that game.  We used the guitar–you can use a regular controller, but the guitar is so much more fun–and were rocking out and laughing for hours on end. 

Personally, I think standing up while you play is the only way to go.  And, since the game lets you accumulate extra points for moving your guitar around as if you were really on stage–“Star Power”–hamming it up actually gets you a higher score.  If you can keep the beat. 

You can play either lead guitar or bass, and I chose lead–admittedly the harder of the two, but I swear, we had so much fun–we were all eighteen for a few hours that night.

Somehow, someday, I’m going to have to pick one of these babies up.  Even Norm was playing. 

Talk about laughing.  😉  Love you, babe.        ghii.jpg

Of course, we only had the one guitar.  Brian tells me that you can play with/against each other if you have two guitars. 

Put away the breakables, and look out for Jamie, king of the whammy-bar.  lmao


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