Boston Legal (in case you missed it)

This has got to be one of the most intelligent and revealing discussions of race among white people that I’ve heard in some time. 

I do so love Boston Legal.  Who knew Shatner could actually act?


2 thoughts on “Boston Legal (in case you missed it)

  1. I get the same reaction when I say West Hollywood, the Castro, and Chelsea are, by and large, social spaces created for white males who love other white males. People don’t want to talk about it. People don’t want to acknowledge that the phenonmenon exists. And there’s always a lot of this awkward attitude of: “Oh, it’s true… but you shouldn’t say it like that.”

  2. You know, Shatner always seems to do best when he’s parodying himself.

    The new Priceline commercials are such a good example….”Oooh, you’re so NAUGHTY!” 🙂

    And of course, Candice Bergen is a goddess, so what else can be said? (God, I miss Murphy Brown).

    And John, you’re right. The occasional overreaction of epic proportions by groups like “And Castro For All” notwithstanding.

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