Oy, Vey

buylocal.jpgJust one more reason to Buy Local:

Thousands of hogs in at least five states and poultry at a Missouri farm ate salvage pet food that had been laced with an industrial chemical, the Food and Drug Administration said yesterday , opening potential avenues for the contaminant to enter the human food supply.

Urine from hogs in California , North Carolina, and South Carolina tested positive for melamine , a chemical contained in rice protein concentrate imported from China . Hogs in New York , Utah, and, possibly, Ohio also ate tainted pet food, but their urine has not yet been tested.

In addition, the FDA is testing rice protein concentrate for a second contaminant, cyanuric acid , a chemical used as a pool cleaner that is high in nitrogen .

That’s it.  If I eat any pork in the future, it’ll be McKenzie’s.  Theirs are the tastiest piggies anyhow. 

(h/t Americablog)


3 thoughts on “Oy, Vey

  1. While buying locally produced pork is one thing, I’m not a big fan of the buy local movement.

    This is a great listen on the subject.

  2. Well, I buy as much local as I can. There’s no need for me to be fanatical about it. I prefer Cabot cheese, Mckenzie meats, of course Norm’s family makes the maple syrup, and I always buy local produce during the summer months.

    There are choices we make every day, and if I have a choice between say, a big box store and a local store, I try to buy local as much as I can. There are times, obviously, when I’m low on funds and need to go to (gasp!) Wal-mart: I’m not paying $12 for laundry detergent at the local store when the same brand is onyl $5 at Walmart–but many, many things I buy I make the conscious choice to go with the local seller.

    Especially used books. Those old hole-in-the-wall bookstores all know me by name and by sight.

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