Sanjaya is GONE. 

My belief in a higher being has been reaffirmed. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some chicken bones and incense to dispose of. 


6 thoughts on “YES!!!!!

  1. Cute. I can’t belive CNN doesn’t have more important things to report on. (Not casting aspersions at you… if I spelled that right).

  2. I myself put in my Martina McBride CDs on the way to work after hearing the news on the radio.

    Truly, she is a divine and avenging angel, sent to purify our televisions and return the demon Sanjaya to his hellish abyss.

  3. Ummmm…..I hate to be a bad guest, but “Bring On the Rain” is Jo Dee Messina. 🙂

    (which is a great choice too….”My Give A Damn’s Busted” is one of MY all time favorites.)

    Martina, though, wow…..things like “Independence Day”, “Broken Wing”, “Concrete Angel”, “Happy Girl”….boy, those bring back memories.

  4. Whoops, you’re right.

    I was actually thinking of Jo Dee. I don’t know why I constantly confuse them.

    I have only one cd from each of them.

    But I could have sworn that “I’m alright,” which the Idol 7 sang last night, was on Jo Dee’s CD.

    Now I’m just all confusicated.

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