Imus Be Apologizin’

Hey, it’s a comedy blog.  (roll eyes here)

I don’t really know what to make of the Imus controversy.  Yes, his remarks were stupid and offensive, but that’s really what makes Imus Imus . . . So I don’t see why anyone who listens to him is surprised. 

Now, when Earl said that one of the white guys was “doin’ the white guy thing” on Survivor last week, THAT was something I thought had racist overtones.  Then I thought, “No, I’m just being too damned hypercritical of anything racial nowadays.” 

Besides, it’s just one more sign of the end of times. 

I mean, really.  Just LOOK at Imus:


Now look at Randall Flagg, devil incarnate from Stephen King’s “The Stand.”


 The Rapture is HEAH!!! 


4 thoughts on “Imus Be Apologizin’

  1. firstly, nice looking blog –
    secondly whatever you saw on survivor was obviously free of racial over/undertones because it was about whitey. Duh. You can’t have racism against whitey – how in the hell would Al Sharpton or Jesse ‘Joggitize’ Jackson profit from that?

    Thanks for commenting on my ‘Queers are killing Jesus’ blog… since nobody else read it and I spent the better part of an amphetamine binge on that.

  2. And now MSNBC canned his ass after a number of big advertisers pulled their adds. Money does indeed talk! They wouldn’t have done it otherwise.

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